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Every Child Deserves a Fighting Chance.

2020 Springfield Christmas Parade Application

ORS Principles

Oregon Riders Society (ORS) was founded on three key principles: Loyalty, Respect, and Happiness. ORS helps families in need with the expectation of one condition: if able to do so at some point in their life, pay it forward. Having the ability to reach families in time of need unites our local communities, but also restores faith in humanity. The needs of children have always been a core value to which every ORS member stands for believing that “Every Child Deserves a Fighting Chance.”

The Purpose of ORS

Our purpose is to promote happiness and hope for children.

The Mission of ORS

Helping families and children in need because “Every Child Deserves a Fighting Chance.”

The Vision of ORS

A future to where working together as a means of bettering those who surround us impacts every local community.

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"I cannot event begin to tell you how incredibly grateful we are!
Thank you for doing this! You are all amazing people!

I look forward to working with you all in the future. Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you!"
Aurora Sherman
A Family For Every Child | Events & Heart Gallery Coordinator

Oregon Riders Society

EIN: 82-1475830 | Springfield, OR, United States

Oregon Riders Society started as a motorcycle riding group to which would meet at Finn’s Drive Thru on Wednesday Nights and go for a cruise. This small core group would also help families. What this would look like is someone would hear/learn about a
need, let’s say a single mom who needed diapers for one of her children, so each member would “chip in” and the group would purchase items, then ride out, and finally give away whatever items were collected. Several families were helped, but there was always more of a need then the group could help support

A domestic 501(c)3 nonprofit benefiting children and families in
Oregon. Every dime that ORS receives goes towards supporting the ORS mission with all proceeds going directly back into Oregon’s local communities. ORS also has branched out into Douglas County this year and is helping children and families down there, specifically in the Myrtle Creek/Roseburg area(s).

ORS would like to expand all through Oregon becoming a reliable nonprofit to which children and families throughout Oregon can count upon.

ORS holds two main events- an annual motorcycle rally and ride, and the Springfield Christmas Parade. ORS continues to carry on the tradition and presents “Oregon’s Oldest and Coldest” Parade. The Springfield Christmas Parade is important to ORS as this is our way of giving back to the community to which we live in.


Upcoming Events

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Smith River 229 miles 6 to 8 hours
Sister’s 250 miles 8 to 10 hours
Wolf Creek 100 miles 4 to 6 hours

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